We have a clever EPOS-weighing system in store which allows you to bring your own containers to fill with the goods you need from our dispensers. We can also provide paper bags, but encourage the use of your own containers.

Our friendly team is always more than happy to help with anything – if you would like us to – whilst you are shopping in our store. Just ask our friendly staff if you need anything.



Each of your containers will need to be weighed on our scales prior to filling. A small sticker is produced to put on your container to register its weight. Simple – now you’re ready to fill.


Now simply fill your containers with our wide range of products. Take as little or as much as you like of each product, then take your filled containers back to the scales to weigh your goods.


On the Scales selected the product in your container. Scan the TARE sticker to deduct the weight of your empty container. Confirm and print another sticker showing the weight and price of the goods you have. Stick it to your container and it’s ready to pay for.


Pay as normal for all your goods together, including non-weighed goods at the checkout.

  • We encourage “Reuse before Recycle” so try to use your own containers and use our paper bags only if you need to.
  • Our paper bags are made from FSC accredited wood pulp and are fully compostable at home, put in your food waste recycling or put in your paper recycling.
  • Take as little or as much as you want – you are in control of how much you want of each product. Not only does this save plastic and packaging waste, it saves product waste and therefore saves you money.
  • It is easier to weigh all of your containers first and then fill them all after to save keep coming back and forth to the scales.
  • Please feel free to use whatever you feel is suitable as a container for the good you are buying. You could re-use a plastic sandwich bag for oats, a coffee jar for nuts or a ketchup bottle for washing up liquid.
  • Although we do not sell plastic containers – we strongly encourage the re-use of your own plastic containers.