As an essential grocery shop, New Leaf – Reigate is fortunately allowed to be open during the current lockdown.


In line with the latest government guidance and following our COVID19 safety risk assessment in store – please see the extra safety measures that are in place in-store to keep our customers and our staff safe.


  • Only 5 customers can be in the shop at any one time, at busy times there could be a short wait outside – this is uncommon but please bear with us if so.
  • Please wear adequate face covering inside the shop covering both mouth and nose – unless exempt.
  • Due to the nature of our store and self-service – All customers must please sanitise their hands on entry and before touching items in the shop.
  • Please maintain a 2 metre distance from other customers in the shop at all times.
  • Please avoid touching any products or surfaces that you do not need to touch.
  • If you use a scoop to dispense items, please put the scoop in the “used scoops” bins provided after use.
  • If you use a shopping basket, please leave it with the cashier and do not put it back yourself
  • If shopping with children, please do not let your children touch things in the shop unless they too have sanitised their hands.


  • All staff must wash or sanitise their hands very frequently and where possible between customers
  • All staff must wear adequate face coverings (covering nose and mouth)
  • All staff must try to keep 2m apart from other staff and customers where possible and where practical
  • All surfaces (dispensers, scales, shop counter, door handles) are regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • Shop floor is swept regularly throughout the day
  • Shop floor is mopped at the end of each trading day – or immediately if there are any spillages throughout the trading day.
  • All staff have been briefed and are to follow the government guidelines/rules relating to self-quarantine if they come in close contact with COVID19 or exhibit symptoms of COVID19 themselves.


While your order is being prepared for home delivery, our staff will follow the safety guidelines above under Staff and shop – additional safety requirements.

When your order is out for delivery the following additional safety measures will be followed by our delivery staff.

  • Delivery Staff must wear an adequate face covering if at all likely to come within 2 metres of a customer at their doorstep.
  • Delivery Staff cannot bring deliveries inside customers houses – deliveries must be left at the doorstep for safety.
  • Delivery staff must sanitise their hands frequently whilst out delivering.
  • Face Mask must be worn in delivery vehicle if working with a 2nd delivery person.

If you have any specific questions about our COVID19 policy – please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact us page.